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Mobil tır treyler dorsesi


Production Of Special Products Only

Our company, which has international ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 quality certificates, produces with CE guarantee certificate.  We manufacture truck trailers and buses and caravans with special projects in our Ankara Center and Bodrum manufacturing plant. In our factory, we design and produce Europe's most exclusive event, organization, Technology, Promotion, it special design commercial vehicles and also rent them all over the world.

Our Mission

•The mission of our company is to produce design and manufacturing solutions in order to meet the needs of both public and private sector companies and private design and manufacturing trucks, buses, containers and caravans in order to provide the best quality service to the expectations of the customers.

Our Vision

Protecting and managing the sector by expanding our different position in the sector with our corporate understanding. In the field of mobile promotion, education, health and technology tools, it is the first choice of customers. To provide commercial vehicle production and rental services to all countries of the world. Raising the bar with new investments and competitive environment in the sector will not compromise on quality standards, competition, reliability, honesty and ethical values..

We produce the most special projects in the world in the design of Bus , Truck, Trailer, caravan and container top structure.

*mobile dormitory

*mobile kitchens

*mobile mosque

*mobile exhibit

*mobile bank

*mobile bakery

*mobile bank atm truck trailer

*mobile blood

*mobile emergency

*mobile office

*mobile field hotel

*food trailer

*mobile hostel

*promotional trucks

*mobile barrack

*exhibition vehicle for event marketing solution

*manufacturing oven trailer

*double expandable trailers & trucks

*mobile hospital

*mobile clinic

* mobile first aid

*mobile cooking

*mobile showroom

*mobile meeting

*campervan luxury

*luxury design

*mobile dentist clinic

*mobile simulator

*bus meeting

*mobile organization

*help organization

*Mobile laboratory

*luxury container

*mobile army

*mobile mosque


*mobile office bus

*mobile operating room

*mobile restroom, lavatory, washroom

*mobile surgery operation

*mobile toilet wc

*mobile promotional

*mobile rally

*mobile science bus

*mobile showroom

*special order

*mobile store

*luxury buses

*mobile marketing

*mobile training

*mobile life complex

*mobile school

*mobile command center

*double expandable truck trailers

*mobile food military trailer

*mobile military