Special Purpose mobile truck trailer

Our special-purpose trailer and mobile truck productions are at your service to make all your vehicle dreams come true. Whether it's a very special Noah's Ark, or an incredible space shuttle, or unique projects to push the boundaries, we're making it real for you and making it into production.
Proje Yapim CO.  is the world's leading manufacturer of custom mobile trailers, mobile army units, mobile hospitals, Military use in the field kitchens, military mobile Mobile restroom, lavatory, washroom bathroom toilet WC Truck Trailers  etc. vehicles built in Turkey, the best  warranty and service in the business, and 24/7 global customer support. 
We are here to produce the crazy projects you want on all kinds of trailers ( damper, Lowbed, Dry load, awning, frigfirik, Textile, tanker, Silobas). Because we are an organization that produces only boutique productions and special projects. We'il make nice dreams come true together. Because we know that the dreams of the human son are only limited to what they can turn into reality.…
Advertising promotion tools, organization, mobile truck-container - Special Bus-campaign and mobile mosque truck trailers & Propaganda tools Manufacturing Design Production
The length and width measurements of the tools may vary completely depending on your intended use.  In the same way, opening distance of the side opening rooms is made on special order according to your request.

Average manufacturing process is 2 months. You can rent from our company if you want. Please call for further information. + 90.542.676 22 22  e-mail: info@projeyapim.com.tr

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Mobile Trailers purchase procedures: 2019 model zero Trailer will be purchased or produced.
Technical specifications of the bidder,
technical plan and compliance documents and pictures together with printed output to the file sheet
must add. Dorse to be purchased or manufactured technical specifications as defined in this specification
should be suitable for properties. Dorse will be under the guarantee of the manufacturer company for 2 years. Dorsten
license registration procedures and manufacturer company warranty documents, insurance, Kasko, examination, replacement
parts, technical support contracts should be made in accordance with the company's wishes.
Dorse criteria, measurements and equipment in accordance with European and Turkish highway regulations
you must have. He must meet the following regulations.
- Certificate of conformity for Foreign use
- Certificate of conformity for domestic use
- Certified manufacturer
- Approval of Mechanical Engineers ' Chamber of Engineers
- Certificate of conformity with the license
Dorse Technical Specifications:
To buy or to be produced Dorse below defined specifications appropriate
you must have.
 Wheelbase [WB]7.700 mm
• Total height of 4,000 mm
* Total closed width 2.500 mm
• Total length (external)13.600 mm
 Camel neck [d]90 mm
• Tires 6+1 piece 445/45 R 19.5 tire,19.5 tire-fit steel alloy wheels,
• It consists of two L-section lonjerons consisting of Qste steel with high-quality and high-load steel and it consists of two L-section lonjerons and it consists of two L-section lonjerons and it consists of two L-section lonjerons.
* Double-circuit electro-pneumatic brake system with EBS 2S / 2M antibloasing system in accordance with brake 71/320 regulation and brake
integrated RSS yalpa control system
* Front axle lift system with traction control that extends Wheel Lift Life and provides ease of maneuver
are used.
* Side position lamps with 2 x 7 15 pin socket according to EU and ADR regulations
lighting system
* Mechanical foot 24 ton capacity mechanical foot
* Stepne Holder 2 pieces stepne Holder (front and rear of the axle))
 BPW 370mm disc brake axle with axle and suspension 3 x 9 ton capacity (19.5")
* With king-pin region Omega profiles, resistant to forklift axle load of 7,200 kg, conforming to 283 norms
reinforced, 30mm thick phenol resin coated plywood base
Closed Area
• Free weight 8500 kg (±10%))
• Internal net height [ih] 2.50 mm
• Internal net width (iw) 2.30 mm (closed state))
• Total length (external)13.600 mm
• Internal net height [ih] 2.400 mm
• Internal net width (iw) 2.300 mm (closed state))
• Length ( Internal ) [I] 7,900 mm
• Folding glass (right left and front))
• Technical Specifications
• Hydraulic pop-up system (independent of chassis))
• The box can be operated separately from the chassis when requested.
The box walls are insulated with high heat. 61 mm thick,
Two hydraulic brake legs
* Cabinet PCs PVC and KTL coated steel dining cabinet (480 mm x 450 mm x 1.500 mm)
* Manometer option located next to the control valve at the rear of the ManometreAracın with the load per axle
the amount is measured.
• Ro-Ro Ring 4 x 2 Ro-Ro ring
* Water closet 40 lt. plastic water cabinet with capacity
• Fire Cabinet 1 units of fire cabinet is available. (Fire tube is not included.)
* Forklift Barrier Forklift Barrier
4.2. Dorse interior features
Generator: 17/KVA quiet. Aerodynamic structure in chassis section or outside unit
generator chamber must be produced and integrated into the system. Trailer
external power supply and power supply unit must be present.
Air conditioning: outside the unit aerodynamic structure bozmayacak from outside
placed moisture drying, air cleaning, heating and cooling features found 2000
/ 6000 m3 / h. capacity air conditioning should be used. System Dorse all volume of air in the interior unit
the centrifugal fan must be connected to the air ducts or internal
must have the unit(evaporator).
Air Conditioning Technical Specifications:
Capacity (nominal) front panel: PT-UCC
Capacity (nominal) cooling kW: 13,4
Capacity (nominal) BTU/h: 45.700
Capacity (nominal) heating kW: 15.5
Capacity (nominal) BTU/h: 52.840
Capacity (Min.- Max. Cooling kW: -
Capacity (Min.- Max.) BTU/h: -
Capacity (Min.- Max.) Heating: -
Capacity (Min.- Max.) BTU/h: -
Low Temperature Capacity (-7°C) (Max.) Heating kW: -
Pulled Power (Nominal) Cooling W: 4150
Power Drawn (Nominal) Heating W: 4070
Rated Current Cooling / Heating A: 18.7/18
Internal Unit Power Supply 0 / V/ Hz: 1 /220-240 / 50
External Unit Power Supply 0 / V/ Hz: 1 /220-240 / 50
EER (Nominal) Cooling kW/kW: 3.23
Cop (nominal) heating KW/kW: 3,81
SEER /SCOP (kW/kW: -
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Class Cooling / Heating: -
Ptasam (@10° C) kW: -
Compressor Type: Rotary
Compressor Type: Inverter
Refrigerant type: R410A
Humidity absorption capacity l / h: 3,6
Air flow external unit m3 / min: 110
Air flow internal unit (load-Ort-drop) M3/min: 38/36/34
Noise level (sound pressure) outdoor unit DB(a): 55
Sound level (sound pressure) internal unit (load-Ort-drop) DB(a) 48/46/44
External unit DB (a) ): -
Sound level (Sound Power) internal unit (load-Ort-drop) DB(a)): -
Dimensions (Hxwxd) external unit mm: 950x1380x330
Dimensions (Hxwxd) internal unit mm: 288x840x840
Dimensions (Hxwxd) front panel mm: 25x950x950
Net weight external unit: 103 kg
Net weight internal unit: 28 kg
Net weight front panel: 5 kg
Refrigerant fluid connection Line Liquid mm: 9.52
Refrigerant fluid connection gas mm: 15,88
Power cable X mm2: 3x6
Communication cable X mm2: 4x1,5
Insurance A: C-40
Max. Piping length / height m: 75/30
Drain line outer diameter / inner diameter mm: 1 725
Internal Unit Operating Temperature Range Cooling C: +18 C ~+32 C
Indoor Unit Operating Temperature Range Heating C: +16 C ~+30 C
External Unit Operating Temperature Range Cooling C: + 48 C ~ -10 C
External Unit Operating Temperature Range Heating C: +24 C ~-15 C
Illumination: ceiling-mounted acrylic diffuser , 12-24V DC working color temperature 4500
it must have a control circuit which is a lamp and has dimmer property. Emergency exits also
there should be emergency routing lights showing. Preferably in all LED products
The use of Samsung chip.
Dawes right starting from the front and towards the back 3. at least 8 meters after the meter
The inner width of the dorsum should be at least 4.1 by opening out 1.60 Mt.
Left Side
The two doors will open on top of the ceiling. Second cover will form the base
it will be opened down the way. Windows on the bottom cover from polycarbonate and aluminum frame
the frame formed will be lifted with hydraulic assistance and the front part will be closed. Closed front
the right and left caps on the frame in the section will close the sides.
Under the bottom floor cover, there will be 4 feet between 2 meters of evil which can be adjusted according to the floor.
All side walls should have 12 v and 220 V electrical installation, data and video input outputs.
Electric panel and automatic generator switch to get external electricity outside the dorsum
it should be an electrical board with the necessary equipment.
In addition, a separate fuse box with leakage current relay in the Dorse, 4G modem, wireless
the router must have network switches and all other required hardware box-area. Trailer
built-in HD resolution with PAN and tilt capability that can be viewed remotely over 3G
it should be a camera system.