Mobile Showroom Truck Trailer

Mobile showroom truck trailers is produced exclusively for the project. With our mobile showroom vehicles, school hospital University etc.from local and national fairs. you can organize events in many areas. City centers and shopping car parks are the most common areas of use. Average manufacturing process is 3 months. You can rent from our company if you want. Please call for further information. + 90.542.676 22 22

The length and width measurements of the tools may vary completely depending on your intended use.  In the same way, opening distance of the side opening rooms is made on special order according to your request. 
Special materials can be added to the vehicle. Generator – WC – special light and decorative walls etc. as it can be prepared according to your request, our architects can also make very different designs and applications for you...
We are ready to produce your exclusive most comprehensive and most impressive Mobile showroom tool. A phone is enough…
Average manufacturing process is 2 months. You can rent from our company if you want. Please call for further information. + 90.542.676 22 22  e-mail:

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1 1 the main chassis and trailer of the platform opened, the load specified as carrying capacity working

it will carry with safety in its conditions and no deformation will occur

it will be designed in strength and style

1 2 Jost foot

1 3 acrylic paint

1 4 2017 tire model

1 5 2017 model wheel

1 6 WABCO brake valves

1 7 WABCO EBS Braking System

1 8 en 2 460 internally

1 9 length 13 50 out of dips

1 9 hat 700 hair

1 11 floor tile 30 mm imported hair + plywood quality material

1 12 latest system technology


2 1  Panels and roof

2 2  Deluxe Room

2 3  Floor

2 4  Pop - up platform

2 5  Electrical system

2 6  Lighting

2 7  Generator

2 8  Air Conditioning-Ventilation

That's 2 9  Paint

2 10  Stairs

It's 2 11  Electronic audio and light equipment

2 12 Trailer platform will be monolithic  It won't be removable  Trailer trailer with tow truck

providing proper maneuverability even if the axis is at a 90º angle

it will be in structure


3 1 To operate the hydraulic system, there will be a 250 lt oil tank

3 2 3 kW monophase motor will be available to operate the hydraulic system

3 3 Oil pressure hydraulic pump to ensure the most article 12/3

3 4 there will be flow dividers and return brake flow dividers to remove the side interior and exterior cover

13 5 the return quad flow divider will be used to balance the floor of the platform


4 1 the steel will be manufactured with a lock cover

4 2 control panel manual 4-group hydraulic control arms will be  the four-group control system will be used in the opening of the upper and inner doors

4 3 It will be a pressure gauge

4 5 Trousers, breeches etc  (for women) the elements will not be damaged even under high current


5 1 units can be used with hammers with 24 v DC system voltage  The electrical system of the units shall be designed in such a way that it does not require any changes to the electrical equipment during use

5 2 there shall be five side lamps on each side and at least two reflectors on each side

5 3  In the rear bumper of the unit, it will be equipped with stop, tail turn and signal lamps in accordance with traffic laws and regulations  Signal lamps will be in the enclosure  It will be reflective material for warning purposes

5 6 all elements to be used in electrical system shall comply with the relevant standards

5 7 the cables in the system will be passed through the appropriate protectors  Separate cables

it will be used


6 01 all units and parts of trailers with sandblasting method or chemical materials

it will be cleaned and covered with the foliage determined by the administration at the final stage


7 01 the design to be determined by the administration shall be covered with party logos and articles and folio


8 1 all wood material used in the pop-up platform will be playwood material

It will be resistant to humidity and heat  Air gap between structural elements and pavement

will be found

8 2  The existing floor will be covered with 18 mm water plywood

8 3 the floor covering will be permanently placed on the floor, completely covering the working area of the sections and there will be no missing space  Coated material will be water resistant and material  The floor coating should be non-asbestos-free, non-slip, anti-bacterial, water-washable and hygienic, resistant to heat and chemicals


2 4 1  Opening platform side door opening from right side up to 90 with hydraulic from the beginning

it'il open up  Inner door opening from top to bottom with hydraulic from top to bottom 90 degrees

it will open

2 4 2  The top cover length is up to 10 00 CM  width 2 80 CM

2 4 3  The floor length of the platform is up to 9 mt  Width 2 50 CM  it will be,

2 4 4  18 mm water contract will be installed on the floor

2 4 5  The roof height of the platform is 4 m from the floor  The floor of the pop-up platform, the ceiling height range of the pop-up platform is at least 2 30 CM   

2 4 6  The height of the drop-down platform can be increased and adjusted with the clamping arms between 130 cm and 160 cm from the ground

2 4 7  The drop-down platform height adjustment will be supported with adjustable feet

2 4 8  The pop-up platform should be prepared so that it can hang around in vinyl


10 1 the electrical system shall be manufactured and installed in accordance with the relevant Highway Traffic Law, Vehicle Manufacturing modification Assembly regulation, whether or not the specified equipment, other special accessories and cables, including the main tables of the unit's (pop-up platform vehicle) are specified in this specification  The electrical system will include the necessary light and audible stimuli  All

electrical systems should be placed in such a way that the fuse and switches can be removed easily

External enclosures of lamps electronic devices and connections are corrosion resistant

you must have

10 2 electrical network; electrical circuits of electrical equipment and accessories in the unit

the chassis of the car should be completely separate and different from the circuits  Used

conductors must be insulated with high heat resistant thermo plastic or the same material  Conductors must be permanently marked or undamaged for recognition  These conductors must either be in a non-flammable braided system at high temperature or in isolation channels that delay heat   Cables and ducts will be identified as good ways to prevent sagging and wear   There should not be any cables in the open, all cables can be easily removed from the inside of the wall as needed

it will be moved to be modified  The folds and holes in the system, passing

it will be shaped in a manner appropriate to where it is used to protect and detect the conductors

10 3 installation; all electrical equipment except switchgear, switches, exit channels, etc s must withstand a current up to 125% of the maximum current to be carried by the circuit to be placed  In installations, thin enamel wires from 0 65 mm2 will not be used (sockets and sockets)

lighting elements and all kinds of installations 1 5mm2 and 2 5mm2 lik cables

nutrition))  Protection from weather conditions to prevent corrosion on ports

measures must be taken and all terminals must be numbered and coded in such a way that they do not break down

The ports should be within easy reach for inspection and control  The unit

electrical installation an automatic main switchboard (distribution table) and separate for each circuit

it should be an automatic shut-off switch  Automatic fuses should be bipolar  Main panel

current protection relay must be present at the output

10 4 device feeds to be used in the vehicle in the interior cabin considering (each

the number of sockets will be determined (so that the device will be supplied from an independent socket)

3 sockets will be installed, in addition to the other parts of the device supply sockets

(if available) one plug will be installed

10 5   Each section inside the vehicle and the entrance of the vehicle will work with 220V AC

it will be illuminated  For this purpose, appropriate lighting installations and light bulbs and facilities

10 6 all kinds of metallic elements in the vehicle will be protected against voltage leakage and necessary measures will be taken by the company  The administration may propose additional measures if necessary, and any measures that may endanger life safety shall be taken

10 7 any material to be used will be produced according to Tse Li or equivalent standards


11 1 luminaires that will illuminate the opening platform will be equipped with LED system so that it is not visible from the outside


Air conditioning will be added to the pop-up platform upon request  It can be fixed or mobile

13 stairs

13 1 2 pieces, both entrance to the inner room by the side of the trailers and exit to the platform

13 2  It should be easily and safely designed and made of aluminum material suitable for landing

13 4 ladder 30 mm x 30 mm at least 2 mm thick steel profiles will be made

13 5 the steps of the stairs will be made of non-slip aluminum material

13 6  The ladder will be made of folding type and easy to carry