Mobile laboratory and education technology truck

In addition to Mechatronics  solutions, our company has started many pioneering  projects in our country until the space  Sciences…

In the manufacturing of mobile technology trucks, we serve many sectors with our solution partners. The projects we have  produced to the public and private sectors  have become the pride of the Turkish automotive sector on the  mobile platform…

In this context, we have corporate  cooperation protocols with the private sector of many state institutions, especially with the size of communication technology  and mechatronic projects…

In cases of war, natural disasters,  special education, etc., We provide all kinds  of educational opportunities to our children with our mobile training trucks.  We provide manufacturing and renting services in mobile children's  event truck application for special branch  trainings and entertainment activities from mobile classroom and school  applications…

Our  mobile trucks for children's activities and education  and special  manufacturing buses are prepared with special  purpose standards and special  projects in EU and UNESCO norms...

The length and width measurements of the tools may vary completely depending on your intended use.  In the same way, opening distance of the side opening rooms is made on special order according to your request.

Average manufacturing process is 2 months. You can rent from our company if you want. Please call for further information. + 90.542.676 22 22  e-mail:

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mobile laboratory and education technology truck trailer specifications

            5.1 Pop-Up platform, main chassis, mobile laboratory and education technology truck trailer, electrical and electronic components attached, dimensions, drawings and designs will be made according to. The administration may also make changes during the manufacturing phase.

            5.2. The platform main chassis and mobile laboratory and education technology truck trailer will safely carry the load (at least 30 tons) specified as carrying capacity in working conditions and will be designed in strength and style that will not cause any deformation.

            5.3 total length: 13.60 m. Wing stage length from one side, 10 M, total width: closed 2.5 m. closed, open from one side 4.90 m, internal height: 2.85 M, ground height: 4 m. .

            5.4 the one-sided opening stage will have a hydraulic expansion of at least 2.00 meters.

            5.5 the traffic project will be drawn and processed by the contractor..

            5.6 switch to the control room the switch to the control room will take place with the automatic open finger print and card access system.

            5.7 mobile laboratory and education technology truck trailer main entrance will be through the back door.

            5.8 the automatic opening glass door will be mounted in the control room.

            5.9 in the interior of the car opened 10.00 x 4.90 meter Hall will be formed.

            5.10 in the Hall 9 meters long minimum 2. The meter-long refrigerated beverage cabinet will be manufactured on the back wall. (Details and measurements are in the project section))

            5.11 in front of the back room 2x3 meters in 10mm pixel resolution out door LED screen will be manufactured and installed.

            5.12 top cover will be resistant to rain isolation and 1 ton snow pressure

            5.13 bottom cover will be resistant to rain isolation and 1 ton snow pressure

            5.14 cover will be 700 mm hair, floor trim 30 mm hair + plywood quality material.

            5.15 a 250 lt oil tank will be available to operate hydraulic system. 3 kW monophase motor will be available to operate the hydraulic system. Oil pressure hydraulic pump to ensure the most article 12/3. There will be flow dividers and return brake flow dividers to remove the side inner and outer lid.

            5.16 return quad flow divider will be used to balance the floor of the drop-down platform.

            5.17 control panel manual 2 4 - group hydraulic control arms will be. Trousers, breeches etc. (for women) the elements will not be damaged even under high current. The stairs will be two by the side of mobile laboratory and education technology truck trailer and two by the rear entrance for the disabled.

            5.18 metal parts shall be manufactured with high-capacity steel gas welding machines. Overloading will also be considered in strength calculations.

                        5.19 brake : mobile laboratory and education technology truck trailer will remain faithful to the original.

            5.20 foot: mobile laboratory and education technology truck trailer will remain faithful to the original. However, a minimum of 4 mobile pieces will be removed from the bottom of the opening stage and a pluggable foot will be produced.

            5.21 king-pin: mobile laboratory and education technology truck trailer will remain faithful to the original.

            5.22 electrical eletronic equipment: the car must be connected to the front air panel, 15-POLED or 2x7-POLED according to the European Community regulation EEC 97/28, and the socket in accordance with ISO 12098, the plate illumination on the back, the rear stops integrated with the multi-compartment triangular reflector, all the electrical system to secure the electrical system

            5.23 vehicles will have 30 kW diesel generator feed and chamber.

• The 35 kW diesel generator will be installed in accordance with the mandatory national and international standards in force.


• Diesel engine with an elastic clutch with acupuncture,

* Power Factor cos Ø = 0.8 (full load),

* Electronic voltage regulator ( at least ± 3% adjustment possible) which automatically controls the warning current to keep the output voltage free and stable under various loads),

* Protected against water drops and large grain foreign substances and manual contact (IP23 will be in protection class)),

• Number of cycles within ± 3 %,

* Anti-radio Interference),

* Solid state electronic type with warning current from itself,

* Fine adjustment of control panel,

* Yield at least 90% (full load)),


* Short circuit protected,

* 10% overload available for 1 hour,

* Generator static and dynamically balanced,

• 0°C to 40°C suitable for operating at air temperature


• Diesel engine will be in the following features.

• Four-stroke,

• Lubricated with pressurized oil,

* Injector fuel injection,

• Water-cooled,

• Preferably V motor,

* Generator 1500 rpm. capable of moving at speed and full load,

• The types of primary and secondary fuel filters,

* Rollers with Roller type,

* Crankshaft full balance and exercise,

* Burn type,

• 10% overload available to work for 1 hour,

* Radiator that will provide normal cooling under full load operation,

* Open air connection connection of Radiator,

• 24 volt DC starter motor,

* Thermostat controlled cooling water heater to keep the engine ready for Operation,

* Convenient amperage charge dynamo,

• When the battery is full, it will automatically cut the circuit and will have DC voltmeter and ammeter and necessary switch and control fuse.

• Control panel, low oil pressure, low water level, cooling water overheating and excessive speed diesel engine will be a mechanism to stop.

• The fuel consumption of the diesel engine will be given at 4/4, 2/4, 3/4 loads.


• Daily fuel tank will be in the following features.

* Diesel engine 24 hours continuous operation capacity,

• Has pipe connection with main tank,

• Level meter,

• Carriage return pipe (connected to main tank) and air pipe,

• Discharge pipe and Valve,

• Diesel engine pipe connection,

• Tray dropper,

 Low-level and over-loaded alarm contacts,

• Ventilation and fuel entrance will be filtered.

* Daily fuel tank generator room will be placed in a place approved by the control.

• The fuel tank will be mounted on the foot made of corners to ensure the natural flow of the fuel.

• The inner and outer face of the tank will be painted with a paint that is resistant to external effects after being free of rust and oil.

• Diesel should be in the same pedestal will be preferred.


• All filters to be used will be subject to change type.

* Air filter oil will be bathed.


* Diesel engine running at full load will provide normal cooling.

• Radiator ventilation fan will be driven directly from crank shaft or by Belt.

• The radiator will be connected to the open air channel and the capacity of the fan will be sufficient to provide circulation.

• Radiator and ventilator will be kept in a way that cannot be reached by hand.

* There will be a thermostat in the cooling system.

* Antifreeze will be used to prevent corrosion in cooling water. (Antifreeze type will be offered by the manufacturer.)


• The battery will be full closed, maintenance-free lead acid type in 24V output voltage.

• The battery will be installed with all necessary connections and necessary mounting accessories.

Exoskeleton and silencer

• Diesel engine will be the only exhaust output.

* Exhaust-motor connection will be made so as not to transmit motor vibrations.

* Insulation will be made against heat and sound at the exit of the exoskeleton (wall passage).

• The Silencer will be suitable for horizontal mounting, internal type and will be mounted at the nearest distance to the motor.

* The Silencer will have a spark-inhibitor mechanism.

* The muffler will be sealed in the exhaust pipe with a flange.


• Automation and synchronization panel will be installed in the same volume as the generator.

* The low voltage installation of the panel will be in accordance with the specifications specified in the Technical Specifications section of the panels.

* The clipboard will consist of 4 main sections. These will be one section reserved for each generator group, control and control section and output section.

* Generator group sections will have the following equipment.

• Generator main switch

• The Switch will be automatic type with electronic thermal magnetic Protection Unit. The Switch will be the motor module for remote control. The Switch will be mounted in three position drawers system. Low Voltage installation will be appropriate to the features described in the section switches.

• Generator control module

• The module will consist of an electronic printed circuit designed to protect, monitor and control the generator. All relays within the module will be electronic type and certainly will not be accepted as electromechanical relays.

• The generator will be self-test feature and this feature can be activated via the control module.

• In synchronous operation mode with reverse power protection relay, the state of the generator from production to consumption (working as an electric motor) will be monitored. The relay has a setting range of 0-15% of the total power and will be delayed.

• Low voltage generator output voltage will be controlled by means of a relay. The relay will have a setting range of 80-95% of the nominal voltage. In a similar manner, the output frequency will be measured with a low frequency relay. Time delay in both relays will be possible.

• The automatic synchronization unit will be completely electronic and fully automatic. The unit will measure the difference between the voltage, frequency and phase angle between the generator and the bar to which it is connected and will be able to signal voltage lowering-raising, frequency lowering-raising, phase lowering-raising signal to the generator. Phase lock control can be done with the unit. At the same time, the unit will signal off the generator switch when the synchronization conditions are met.