Mobile Hotel (Dormitory) truck trailer

Our mobile hotel trailer can be produced in various capacities.  From military to disaster situations, film platoons to nature events and student camps, there are multiple areas of use...

In our mobile hotel productions, WC –shower –kitchen etc. basic requirement sections are available as an option. Although solar panels are generally used due to zero noise privilege in our vehicles, generator systems can be used in case of intensive electrical power requirements...

The length and width measurements of the tools may vary completely depending on your intended use.  In the same way, opening distance of the side opening rooms is made on special order according to your request.

In our mobile Dormitory ,mobile hostel and mobile barrack Products, WC –shower –kitchen etc. basic requirement sections are available as an option. 

Mobile Hotel applications can be made with design of VIP-equipped suite apartments, as well as in multi-room boutique rooms and dormitory models. For more information please call…

Average manufacturing process is 2 months. You can rent from our company if you want. Please call for further information. + 90.542.676 22 22  e-mail:

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Custom made Mobile lavatoryMobile restroom trailersCustom mobile lavatorymobile restroom

Truck restroom mobile hostel truck trailermobile restroom, lavatory, washroom truck trailer custom made super lavatory structures

mobile Military bathroom toilet WCMobile restroom design mobile restroom truck trailercustom made restroom box

Jumbo trailer ( Mobile Hotel (Dormitory) truck trailer) chassis

b Chassis: trailer, camels neck sections are cut by computer controlled CNC special plasma devices, the existing chassis strength is increased, which is supported by special bending cross-bars will be produced  Sources will be made with gas welding technology

Material: camel neck, connection travelers, platform materials and all other hair-cover materials will be made of at least St 52 3 grade steel  The materials of the cross-country shall be St 44 and above  The quality of Steel will be presented in the delivery as documented by authorized bodies

c Trailer main chassis and deveboynu will carry the load specified as carrying capacity safely in working conditions and will be designed in strength and style that will not cause any deformation

o The chassis will be designed in a way that does not have any difficulty in changing the tire

d In order to ensure that the tractor gets into the Trey, 2 pieces of telescopic feet with hydraulic system must be located under the chassis in order to ensure that the chassis stays in balance with the shoes suitable for mechanical control, double speed, air suspension with capacity of at least 38 000 kg

            e  there will be one stepne basket

3  Camel neck and King Pin)

camel neck platform will be monolithic  It won't be removable  The camel neck will be capable of maneuvering properly, even if the tractor and trailer axes make an angle of 90°  King pin will be made of chrome - nickel steel with flash in size 2" according to SAE and din norms, and will be secured by connecting the crown nut to the taper, steel casting bed, copilla and so on

                        4  Axle Group (axles and suspension);

a  Axles should be manufactured in such a way that the load from all kinds of roads and weather conditions is equally distributed to all wheels

b  Axle lengths should be in such a way that they do not interfere with changing tires

c  There should be greases to ensure that all wheel groups lubricate all playgrounds

o  Axle group:

- 3 rows of axle group and each row will consist of 6 wheels including 2 wheels

d  Axles should be with air suspension, Bellows and shock absorbers

e  Axles should be manufactured in such a way that they can carry the load from at least 28 tons of loaded trailers safely, including their weight

f  The axles will have a track width of 1800 mm, which does not require much maintenance

g Axles, each with a carrying capacity of at least 12 tons, must be ECAs (electronic controlled air suspension system) system

5  Tires and rims

a The tire Association or ETRTO (the Eurepan Tire and Rim Technical organization) will be certified to be manufactured in accordance with one of the standards

b Axle group;

- 6 (3 wheels on the right, 3 wheels on the left ) wheel with 3 rows of wheel groups and 2 wheels on each row,

Tyres should be tubeless in size 315/70 R 22 5”

c Rims will be available to the extent appropriate to the size of the tire

o The brand and size of the tyres and spare tyre to be used in the units will be identical

d There should be fender and water holders designed to suit the vehicle

e There will be two steps

6  Brake System

a ECC standards, 4S 2m abs and double-circuit emergency pneumatic brake system will be  One of these lines should be designed as the service line and the other as the auxiliary line

b  The brake system must have automatic brake crickets

c If the unit leaves the tractor for any reason, or if the air connection is interrupted, the emergency brake will be equipped with the bellows and will provide a safe parking position even if the unit is installed and disconnected from the tractor

o Brake pipes and hoses must be resistant to high pressure and protected against external influences

d The chassis passages of the brake pipes should be made in the tire Heights and the pipes should be connected to the chassis with a sufficient amount of clamp

e  Brake bellows should be in size, number and capacity suitable for axle capacity      

7 Hydraulic Equipment

            a 2 upper cover (to open the stage roof) hydraulic piston and 2 inner cover (to open the stage floor) hydraulic piston to open a total of 4 hydraulic piston will be used

            b Hydraulic system 3 phase electric motor will be used  In all hydraulic systems, there will be lock and load holding valves required for the safety of the system  (There is safety valve in the Pistons do not release itself )

c The  Mobile office truck trailer will be designed to operate all hydraulic components without an attractive connection

o There will be pipes, hoses and records from the hydraulic power station to the lifts

            d Oil tank will be installed on the system

            e System oil will be complete

            f There will be a hydraulic control with a mechanical stimulator

            g The main supply of the system will be 220 v AC 50-60 Hz

            G Hydraulic unit Motors will be controlled with 220 v AC

            8 Electrical Equipment

            a Units can be used with towers with 12 V DC and 24 v DC system voltage  The electrical system of the units shall be designed in such a way that it does not require any changes to the electrical equipment during use  76/756/EEC in accordance with regulations

            b  There will be a socket bracket in the adjustable construction that holds the standard connection sockets with male - female threads on the unit to provide electrical connection between the unit and the receiver

            c  There will be at least five side lamps on each side and at least two reflectors on each side  Front (white) and rear (Red) Hill lamps will be found

            o  In the rear bumper of the unit, it will be equipped with stop, tail turn and signal lamps in accordance with traffic laws and regulations  Signal lamps will be in enclosure  It will be reflective material for warning purposes

            d  All elements to be used in the electrical system shall comply with the relevant standards

            e  The cables in the system will be passed through the appropriate protectors  Separate color cables will be used

            9  Other equipment and accessories;

            a In accordance with EEC norms, there will be a lightweight, rear bumper with CTP marker panel and stop lamps on it

            b Made of plastic material, easy to use and meet all the needs of the tool cabinet will be


1  Isolation from sound, heat, dust and water should be turned into closed containers using fully insulated material  The best quality materials should be used in order to provide high efficiency and safety for renovation and manufacturing

2  All wood materials used in manufacturing must comply with the relevant Tse standards  Plywood should be single-bodied water plywood (moisture and heat resistant, on film coating)  There should be no air gap between the structural elements and the floor  

3 Top build  Mobile office truck trailer

a Technical Specifications Of Safes

The inner and outer surface of the case will be made of hot galvanised steel plate segments painted with 25 µ thickness RAL 9010 white polyester oven  Steel sheet segment width 1200 mm, sheet thickness 0 55 mm, special clamping of the segments given in the form of clinch method, sealed, robust and produced in one piece  The casing surface should be made resistant to the external environment conditions due to the structure of the sheet metal structure, free of capillary cracks, unbreakable, easy to repair, sound and durable

b Wall And Ceiling Panel

Side and ceiling panels will be manufactured in a single piece 70 mm thick sheet metal structure and one piece polyurethane injection technology will be produced  

c Floor Panel

All existing floor covering (including the opening-closing floor section) will be covered with a water plywood of 18 mm  The floor coating will be placed permanently on the floor, completely covering the working area of the sections and not being found and the floor will be covered in one piece  Coated material will be water resistant and hygienic altro material  Floor coating should be non-asbestos-free, non-slip, anti-bacterial, water-washable and hygienic, resistant to heat and chemicals  The color of the floor coating will be determined by the administration

o Doors

50 mm sandwich panels will consist of an aluminium frame around and twin lips, double row rubber gasket, stainless aisi 304 quality hinges and locks integrated into this frame  The doors will be produced by injecting polyurethane under Press together with internal support sheets and frames  The door gasket corners are assembled by firing under the mold  The door wing is 180º openable and will be fixed to the side wall using stainless retaining

d Chassis Assembly

The panels produced with Kit (Demonte) technology will be combined with anodized, 4 5 mm thick, 120x120 mm aluminium edge profiles and double component adhesives and will be reinforced with monoblock stainless rivets  Z chassis made of 6 mm sheet metal installed on the chassis base will be installed on the  Mobile office truck trailer chassis using brackets and bolts  The profile, corner, steel frame, Bolt and weld that can cause the heat bridge will not be used in the panel assemblies

e Interior Protection Bars And Hygienic Accessories

In the inner parts of the enclosure wall panels and doors, a sweeping and impact barrier made of hardened aluminium will be used Wall-wall, wall-ceiling combinations made of PVC, rounded special hygienic accessories will be used