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1.1. Dimensions

1.1.1 half trailer length should be at least 13600 mm.

1.1.2 half trailer width should be up to 2550 mm.

1.1.3 half trailer height should be up to 4000 mm from the ground.

1.1.4 half trailer king pin table height should be in the range of 1200mm-1250 mm.

1.1.5 half trailer should be at least 4000 mm part of the camel doynu , 9600 mm part of the pool length.


1.2.1 chassis high strength St.It will be made of 52 steel material. The main chassis sources will be in the form of the underground arc welding or the gas-sub-welding method, and other welding operations will be in the form of the gas-sub-welding.

1.2.2 the chassis will be in such a way that it will not be difficult to replace the tire.

The main chassis will be connected to each other with C type Travers and the platform will be set up and the platform will deviate from the longitudinal and horizontal to a maximum of 1 cm throughout the entire vehicle.

1.2.4 platform camel Neck section will be surrounded by televre shaped from St 44 quality sheet metal by forming carcass from at least NPU 65 profiles.

1.2.5 camel neck base 27 mm thick 220 GR / M2 weighing double-sided film coated with water resistant plywood will be covered. The cast will be covered with antibacterial epoxy.

1.2.6 the pool section will be designed by installing a solid panel base in such a way that it does not interfere with the operation of the drop-down platforms. Solid panel base will be up to 100 mm thick. Base frame minimum 3*40*60 after being covered with 36 DANSITE XPS materials, the bottom part will be covered with 2 mm thick CTP material , and the top part will be covered with water resistant plywood material of at least 20 mm thick and the top part will be transformed into a solid panel base by using vacuum adhesive technique. At least 20 pieces of M14 bolts and connection apparatus will be mounted on a solid panel floor semi-trailer pool. This base will be covered with cast antibacterial water and epoxy material that is not affected by heat.


1.3.1 king pin 94/20/EC instructions, 2” size flash, made of chrome-nickel steel,made according to 8 mm slider plate Bolt connection, steel casting will be installed and disassembled into the bed.


1.4.1 semi-trailer shall be produced at least 2 axles. Each axle should have a carrying capacity of at least 9 tones.

1.4.2 semi-romork front axle, should have axle lift system, System button through attractive vehicle

it should be controlled by the operator.

1.4.3 axles should be 19.5 rim ,10 bijon and type of campaign.

1.4.4 axles suspension system should be air suspension with Bellows and should be reinforced with shock absorbers and parabolic scissors connected to the points ears.

1.4.5. The manufacturer of the semi-trailer to be produced must have O4katagori 2 axle type approval certificate. This document will be submitted during the tender phase.


1.5.1 tires semi-trailer will consist of 3 row axle group and 2 wheels in each row. tyres 245/70 R 19.5 in size, Tubales ,on road properties,will be in the appropriate pattern.

1.5.2 wheels steel wheels will be used in accordance with wheel size and tyre size.


1.6.1 semi-trailer brake system EBA 71/320 EC Regulation in accordance with the EBS 2S/2m anti-block system double-circuit,help, pneumatic brake system will be.

1.6.2 it will be equipped with an RSS (Roll Stability support) system that provides anti-roll safety. The brake system must have automatic brake crickets.


1.6.3 the semi-trailer will have at least two axillary brake bellows that will provide automatic braking when the tractor leaves or the air connection is disconnected for any reason; the system will provide a safe position even if the semi-romork is detached from the tractor.

1.6.4 brake pipes and hoses must be resistant to high pressure and protected against external influences.

1.6.5 brake tubes chassis passages must be made in rubber reels and pipes must be connected to the chassis with a sufficient amount of plastic clamp.

1.6.6 emergency brake and service brake drums should be in accordance with the wheel capacity size and quantity.


1.7.1 each mounted with main chassis bolts for fixing semi-trailer in Park

There will be an adjustable-arm dial mechanical foot system at double speed with 24 tons carrying capacity.

1.7.2 Jumbo semi trailer with open platform should be fixed with 6 hydraulic feet to ensure that the vehicle remains stable during the daycare activities. 4 pieces of hydraulic foot pool section must be mounted to the main chassis, 2 pieces of hydraulic foot cameboynunu to keep straight in front of the vehicle.


1.8.1 semi-trailer electric system should be used with attractive vehicles with 24 v DC system voltage. The electrical system shall comply with EC regulations 76/756 without any changes to the equipment during use.

1.8.2 in the electrical system, there will be main input cable and sockets suitable for attractive characteristics, as equipments that complete the system , the combination of LED front corner lamps, LED side parking lights with LED lamps, horn and plate lamps in accordance with the relevant standards.

1.8.3 for connections to electrical and air systems ,there will be a connection board at the front of the semi-trailer, at the height and adjustable to prevent the attractive connection hoses from moving together.




1.9.1 will be a 2.2 kW hydraulic drive group that can operate with 24V DC.

1.9.2 each cylinder must have a valve group system suitable for 24VDC voltages that can operate separately.

1.9.3 the pressure indicator where the system pressure can be seen should be.

1.9.4 safety lock valves must be present on hydraulic cylinders to prevent return.

1.9.5 hydraulic cylinder with 4 50 cm stroke at the rear, designed for Double-Impact special feet with 4800kg lifting capacity. It should be a hydraulic cylinder with two 1600 mm stacks in front, designed for Double-Impact special feet with a lifting capacity of 4800 kg. Open platform boxes should have 4 open box cylinders, 2 in each box which can open at least 1100 mm.

1.9.6 each standing semi-trailer will be water balance to be brought to the balance.

1.9.7 should have access to the hydraulic system flexible hydraulic plumbing pipes.

1.9.8 all hydraulic systems must be designed with wire and control.

1.9.9 hydraulic drive Group and valves should be in a suitable cabinet on the right side. Hydraulic system running electric panel and at least 8 meters cable hand control system should be in a separate Cabinet on the right side of the vehicle.


1.10.1 2 wheel wedges

1.10.2 1 fire cabinet tube

1.10.3 2 Tse certified 6 extinguisher tube

1.10.4 1 hydraulic jack ( with a capacity of at least 20 tons))

1.10.5 1 piece at least 1 meter long gear box

1.10.6 1 levelling arm

1.10.7 1 piece at least 2 kg. like Hammer

1.10.8 1 reel stepper carrier

1.110.9 Ece R 70 compliance with the rear structure and reflective bands and labels on the sides

1.1.10 labels for gluing in accordance with road traffic regulations and related regulations ( long vehicle ,70,80 and TR labels)) protection barriers in accordance with EC Regulation 89/297

1.10.112 there will be plastic full fender and treadmills in accordance with directive 91/226 EC.

1.10.13 the car will have a rear bumper conforming to EEC norms.

1.10.114 plastic water tank with 50 lt capacity taps

1.10.15 there will be a total of 6 fixing feet to be used as sub-support feet when opening open platform boxes.

1.10.16 hydraulic cylinder feet and box bottom support feet to create a hard floor during the ground to create a total of 16 pieces 27 mm thick 300*300 mm plywood material will be given floor board.


1.11.1 semi-trailer chassis against corrosion with SA 2.5 sandblasting pore-coated surface preparation+zinc oxide pigmented primer+ zinc oxide polyurethane epoxy medium layer+ semi-coated acrylic finish coat in order to be determined by the administration will be painted in the code.

1.11.2 final coat paint thickness will be within the range of 80 - 120 microns.



2.1.1 trailer superstructure should be produced using mono block sandwich panel technology used in frigorific treyeler. Ceilings and walls should be solid. Side wall panels with four or five separate layers according to size and purpose should be turned into sandwich panels and hygienic CTP plates should be used on the inner and outer surfaces of the panel.  Hard foam with a density of at least 32 densities should be used with the closed cell structure of the side wall panels. The box profile should be used around the panels in size of 40x40 mm. In addition, in the panel 900 mm spacing 30x40 mm or 40x40 mm boxes should be used in the dimensions

2.1.2 the roof should have the side wall panel features described above. There must be mono-block throughout the vehicle to ensure the sealing. The joints of the roof and side walls will be covered with L-shaped aluminum profiles and the sealing will be provided with a material such as Seal sealant adhesive. Sealing materials must be in such a way that the treys operate under difficult conditions.


2.2.1 open platform base 20 mm thick double side will be covered with waterproof plywood. Plywood will be non-asbestos-free, non-slip, anti-bacterial, water-washable. It should be hygienic, resistant to heat and chemicals.

2.2.2 the floor coating will be applied to dirty water costs and the water will be prevented from being left on the floor in the interior of the  mobile truck trailer.